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Philippe Herault

Creator & Designer

A former ornamental metal worker for the Palace of Versailles, this designer of contemporary furniture and lamps produces unique pieces that constantly stimulate light.
Launched by gallery owner Yves Gastou at the Pavillon des Arts et du Design, Philippe Hérault traded his “ironclad” know-how for Plexiglas and LEDs, two elements that correspond and create amazement and surprise.

At his “H Room” in Biarritz, Philippe Hérault has a real creative vision guided by the graphic arts, working drawings and precision. His work is wide-ranging and includes some monumental works such as his Depht chandelier, which is 1.60 meter high.

Izarra is the first brand that the designer has worked with.

A Drawing
"For each display I have sought to bring the bottle to life using the effects of light on matter."

Philippe Hérault


CONTOUR uses the shape of the bottle. There are three layers of rectangles of radiant Plexiglas, Farblos Plexiglas and mirrors, aligned in their depth and out of which the shape of the bottle was cut in order to place a bottle inside.

The natural reflected light from the materials is dazzling, all the more so when the bars of green LEDs are lit. Each angle gives a different view.

Number of copies: 70

SHAPE is an illuminated sign that has almost the exact shape of the Izarra bottle. It also has the depth of three layers and reuses cut-outs of the bottles in Radiant Plexiglas, Farblos Plexiglas and mirrors rejected from the production of the CONTOUR display.

The cut-outs and the markings are done using a laser.

Number of copies: 20
Fluo star

FLUO STAR is an incredible piece that pays homage to the very name of “Izarra”, which means star in the Basque language.

Comprising nineteen points of fluorescent yellow Plexiglas shooting out of the bottle like shards of glass, this display is a reinterpretation of the Izarra star and its branches. A very high level of dexterity was required to achieve the precision, cutting and assembly, undoubtedly making this display the most incredible piece in the collection.

Number of copies: 10