Jaune, Vert and 54

Discover the IZARRA family

All Izarra liqueurs are made from plants and spices in a particularly complex secret recipe.

Izarra is a blend of precisely dosed plants and spices distilled in a copper still, of which only the heart of the two successive distillations is used. The distillate thus obtained is then blended through three long macerations, one with walnut husks, another with Agen prunes and the last with almond hulls. The whole is topped off with Armagnac and left to rest before filtering and bottling. Just a few plants and spices, their dosage, and certain sequences during elaboration differentiate Izarra Vert from Izarra Jaune, which both have a 40% ABV (80 proof) alcohol content.
Historically used as a digestif that everyone drank at room temperature, on the rocks or with crushed ice, Izarra Vert and Izarra Jaune have now become the base or an ingredient for cocktails. Izarra 54, the brand’s crown jewel released in 2012 in a reinterpretation of the traditional Izarra recipe, is promoted as a digestif and serves as a reminder of the way it was originally consumed. Izarra’s real backbone lies in the predominance of minty plants, spices and a real intrinsic freshness.