Elaboration & Distillation


This cabinet, with some twenty compartments, is where the master distiller selected and measured out the plants and spices needed to make Green Izarra and Yellow Izarra.


The original wooden still made by J. RIO, was replaced in the 1970s with a copper still. This new still is used for distilling all of Izarra’s production.


During the first distillation process, only the heart of the distillate is kept. The heads and tails are reinjected into the still to be distilled again. The heart of this second distillation process is blended with the first, and the resulting “esprit simple” is blended in macerations of walnut husks, almond hulls and Agen prunes to create the Izarra juice.


For one hundred years, Izarra was aged in oak barrels and foudres (vats) enabling the angels to take their share and letting the wood enrich the aromatic range of the plants and spices. Changes in tastes led the master distiller to eliminate this elaboration phase in the 1980s.